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Bryce Tugwell

Communications and Media Specialist ~ Digital Storyteller

The Story Behind the Resume

I am a seasoned communications and media professional with a deep-rooted passion for digital storytelling, innovative content creation, and strategic outreach. My expertise spans across scientific, educational, and environmental conservation sectors, where I've dedicated my career since 2001, beginning with an inspiring role at the Jane Goodall Institute in the Washington, DC area.

Driven by a profound belief in being the change I wish to see in the world, I have worked to make my career a testament to the power of integrating mission-driven purpose with professional endeavors. This core principle guided me early in my career, shaping my decision to leverage my skills in digital communication and creative design towards promoting environmental conservation and advancing educational initiatives. It's this dedication to meaningful impact that has fueled my journey, inspiring me to pursue projects that not only challenge me professionally but also align with my personal values of stewardship and knowledge sharing.

The early days at the Jane Goodall Institute ignited my fascination with the web as a powerful medium for storytelling and documentary work. This passion has guided my career path, leading me to explore and innovate in the realm of online narrative creation.

The advent of Google Maps and Google Earth in 2006 opened a new world of possibilities for me. Living on a boat in DC, I experimented with these tools to create a "geo-blogging" platform, documenting weekend boating adventures on the Potomac River. This project laid the groundwork for the Gombe Chimpanzee blog, a groundbreaking initiative that connected the institute’s donors with the research being conducted in Tanzania in an immersive, unprecedented way.

My journey has allowed me to collaborate with remarkable individuals and groundbreaking projects. Notably, I contributed to National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Michael Fay’s yearlong trek through California’s redwood forests, and supported James Balog's Extreme Ice Survey, a critical effort in documenting the rapid disappearance of glaciers and ice sheets globally through time-lapse photography.

My exploration of new storytelling mediums didn't stop there. I have ventured into drone technology for aerial photography and videography and designed a set of remote, live-streaming wildlife cameras deployed in Wyoming's wilderness.

During my time at the Biodiversity Institute, my efforts were deeply rooted in the art of science communication, emphasizing the storytelling of biodiversity research conducted at the university. My role was integral to advancing the institute's mission 'to foster the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of biological diversity through innovative research, education, and outreach, by engaging a broad audience in the scientific process.' Every day, we endeavored to unfold the narrative of discovery and the intricacies of the natural world to a wide-ranging audience. From sparking curiosity in young students to enriching the knowledge of retirees, and bridging the worlds between local ranchers and researchers, our work made the science of biodiversity accessible and engaging. This commitment to storytelling was not just about sharing knowledge but about weaving a connection between diverse communities and the vital research that impacts us all.

Integral to my roles across these varied experiences has been my involvement in supporting and managing fundraising efforts. This critical aspect of my work has not only ensured the financial sustainability of our projects but has also deepened the engagement of our communities with our missions, helping to secure the future of our endeavors and amplify our impact.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate for the diverse and enriching experiences my work has afforded me. Each project and adventure has been a stepping stone to the next, and I eagerly anticipate the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Bryce is a careful and creative thinker with an eye for detail and a commendable devotion to innovation.  He took initiative spearheading original projects to help build the organization’s communications and technology abilities, often on his own time, a skill that on repeated occasions resulted in building new relationships for the Institute with important entities, for instance, Google.  Of particular note was Bryce’s work with Google Maps and Google Earth.  He built a storytelling application created around the amazing technology presented by GIS and integrated it into the Institute’s website – this innovative work resulted in a great deal of media coverage, opened up a relationship with Google that has continued to this day and presented us with an unprecedented way to bring our site visitors and potential donors to the places in the world where we work.  Bryce's application gave us a canvas on which we could vividly illustrate disappearing habitats and the effects of poverty, including deforestation and unsustainable farming – all with the click of a mouse.   It was really quite remarkable.   His work in this area and the relationships he helped create have continued and have made sound impact on our conservation work in Africa and recently in the Amazon forest."

Dr.  Jane Goodall Ph.D., DBE
The Jane Goodall Institute
& UN Messenger of Peace

Bryce Tugwell

Digital communications and marketing professional,
specializing in digital storytelling and digital content creation.

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Curriculum vitae

2024 Summary

Digital creative/communications and media professional with twenty five years of professional experience, specializing in digital storytelling, unique creative content development and outreach for scientific, environmental, and conservation organizations. Exceptional strengths in interactive content creation, project management, developing and executing online communications and marketing strategies, fundraising, web design, social media and creative direction.

Professional Skills Overview:
  • Digital Media and Content Creation Expertise: Over two decades of experience specializing in interface design, web development, interactive media, and motion graphics. Demonstrated ability to blend creative vision with technical skill to deliver engaging digital experiences.

  • Web Development and CMS Proficiency: Advanced skills in web programming, coupled with a comprehensive understanding and practical experience in deploying and managing content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Field Blogger, and Concrete5.

  • Innovative Technology Implementation: Proven track record in designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions, including solar-powered remote streaming video systems for wildlife observation and interactive museum-style touchscreen displays.

  • Content Creation and Multimedia Production: Skilled in the creation, editing, and production of compelling video content and podcasts. Demonstrates a strong ability to convey stories and information through a variety of multimedia formats.

  • Writing and Editorial Excellence: Proficient in crafting high-quality written content across various genres. Experience in editing and proofreading, ensuring clarity, engagement, and adherence to style guidelines.

  • Fundraising and Financial Management: Extensive experience in fundraising through both online platforms and traditional channels. Skilled in budget management and staff leadership within large organizations, demonstrating a strategic approach to resource allocation and team development.

  • User Experience and Interface Design: Strong grasp of site navigation principles and user interface design, ensuring optimal user engagement and accessibility across digital platforms.

  • Grant Writing and Research Excellence: Successful in securing funding through meticulous grant writing and research, showcasing an ability to articulate project needs and objectives compellingly.

  • Diverse Client Engagement: Experience in working with a broad range of clients, adapting communication and project management strategies to meet varied needs and expectations.

  • Communication and Presentation Skills: Exceptional design and technical vocabulary, underpinned by excellent verbal and written communication skills. Proficient in client management and delivering persuasive presentations.

  • Technical Proficiency: Solid understanding of back-end development methodologies, enhancing the ability to oversee and contribute to complex web development projects.

  • Aerial Videography and Drone Operation: Experienced drone pilot with a focus on aerial videography and photography. In the process of obtaining Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification for commercial drone operations.

  • Professional Attributes: Highly focused and team-oriented, with a proven ability to thrive under tight deadlines and in high-pressure environments.

Accomplishments of Note:
  • Wildlife Conservation Initiative: Initiated and led a groundbreaking project at the Biodiversity Institute starting in 2017, focused on the public streaming of raptor nests and other wildlife footage in Wyoming. This initiative not only aimed to promote the conservation of these vital species but also provided invaluable data to the scientific community, enhancing understanding and engagement with Wyoming's natural heritage.

  • Innovative Grant Acquisition: Secured a $50,000 EPSCoR NSF Startup Grant (2016-17) for the advancement of an open-source field journaling and geo-publishing toolset, underscoring a commitment to enhancing research accessibility and collaboration.

  • Significant Research Funding: Awarded two $75,000 grants in 2014-15 from the Biodiversity Institute and the University of Wyoming Department of Research and Economic Development. These grants supported the development of an innovative open-source field journaling and geo-publishing toolset, contributing to the field of biodiversity research.

  • Webby Award Recognition: Achieved finalist and runner-up status in the Best Activist Site category for the Jane Goodall Institute website at the Webby Awards, demonstrating excellence in digital activism and engagement.

  • Software Development Leadership: Spearheaded the development of the Gombe Chimpanzee Blog EarthWatchr software, highlighted by Eric Schmidt, then CEO of Google, as a visionary example of the Internet's future in "The World in 2007" by The Economist.

  • Digital Storytelling and Impact: Created the Gombe Chimpanzee Blog, integrating Google Maps and Google Earth APIs. This project gained notable recognition, featuring on Google’s Blogger Buzz, Blogs of Note, Ogle Earth, and was spotlighted on Google Earth and earth.google.com, showcasing innovative use of technology in environmental storytelling.

  • Marketing for a Cause Award: Honored with the “Best Internet Marketing for a Cause” award in 2006 by NetSquared.com for impactful work with the Jane Goodall Institute, highlighting the effective use of digital platforms in promoting conservation efforts.


Communications and Marketing Specialist III: University of Wyoming Research and Economic Development Division
June 2023 - Present

Location: Laramie, Wyoming

Key Responsibilities and Achievements:

  • Leadership and Supervision: Directed the execution of marketing strategies and public relations campaigns for the Research and Economic Development Division, demonstrating leadership and supervisory skills. Managed a team to produce high-impact marketing communications across various media, aligning with the strategic marketing plan.

  • Strategic Marketing Execution: Successfully executed marketing strategies and campaigns, significantly enhancing the college's visibility and engagement. Managed the production of diverse marketing communications, including print, electronic, new media, and social media, in line with the approved strategic marketing plan.

  • Collaborative Project Management: Collaborated with researchers and stakeholders to assess project needs, establish completion timelines, and identify desired outcomes. Demonstrated exceptional project management skills by coordinating efforts across departments to meet strategic goals.

  • Data-Driven Campaign Development: Led the strategy and implementation of data-driven marketing campaigns, informed by ongoing analysis of consumer and industry trends. Implemented tracking mechanisms to monitor campaign effectiveness, making data-informed recommendations to optimize marketing efforts.

  • Operational Excellence: Identified and updated standard operating procedures, enhancing operational efficiency. Recommended changes to policies and procedures to streamline operations and improve marketing outcomes.

  • Budget Management and Cost Estimation: Developed and managed budgets with a keen eye on project and production costs, ensuring efficient use of resources. Monitored spending to deliver projects within budgetary constraints.

  • Innovative Communication Strategies: Researched and recommended new communication outlets, expanding the college's reach. Negotiated with suppliers and vendors to secure cost-effective solutions for print and electronic communications.

  • Effective Communication Dissemination: Oversaw the strategic dissemination of print and electronic communications, ensuring messages were effectively conveyed to target audiences. Enhanced the division's public image and stakeholder engagement through meticulously planned and executed communication strategies.

Director of Digital Communications & Storytelling: University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute
Apr 2013 – June 2023

Location: Laramie, Wyoming


In my role at the Biodiversity Institute, I led the digital communications and marketing strategy to support the institute's mission of fostering understanding, appreciation, and conservation of biological diversity. My responsibilities spanned the oversight of digital media production, website and interactive display management, content creation, and the strategic use of technology for education and outreach. I also played a crucial role in fundraising efforts, managing donor communications, and online campaigns to secure financial support for our initiatives. A highlight of my tenure was spearheading the wildlife camera project, which significantly contributed to wildlife conservation and research.

Key Responsibilities and Achievements:

  • Comprehensive Digital Strategy Leadership: Managed the Institute’s online presence, enhancing visibility and engagement through the strategic development of websites and social media platforms. Ensured content remained dynamic, informative, and reflective of our mission.

  • Innovative Content Creation and Management: Led the creation and maintenance of compelling content, including video, podcast and other multimedia to keep our audience engaged. Oversaw the Institute’s media libraries, curating a rich collection of visual resources for diverse applications.

  • Interactive Technology Integration: Developed and maintained interactive museum displays at the Berry Center, creating accessible and engaging content on biodiversity topics. This initiative significantly enhanced visitor experiences and educational outreach.

  • Wildlife Camera Project Leadership: Spearheaded a pioneering project to install and manage remote wildlife cameras, streaming rare footage of raptor nests and other wildlife in Wyoming. This project not only promoted conservation efforts but also generated valuable data for scientific research, engaging a global audience with the beauty and importance of Wyoming's biodiversity.

  • Expert Photography and Videography: Served as the Institute’s primary photographer and videographer, producing high-quality visual content for educational materials, promotional campaigns, and documentary storytelling.

  • Technical Support and Media Production: Provided essential technical support and media production expertise, assisting staff with display setups, software troubleshooting, and the creation of printed materials.

  • Fundraising and Donor Engagement: Managed the Institute's Donor Management Tool, spearheading the creation and implementation of donor communications and online fundraising campaigns. My efforts were instrumental in cultivating donor relationships and securing financial support for the Institute’s projects and programs.


Through strategic leadership in digital and social media communications, coupled with innovative fundraising initiatives and the wildlife camera project, I significantly contributed to the Biodiversity Institute's mission. My work not only enhanced the Institute's digital footprint and educational outreach but also ensured sustained financial support for our vital conservation efforts, engaging a broad audience in the importance of biological diversity.

Board Member: Eyak Preservation Council
Dates: 2014 - 2016

Location: Cordova, Alaska


As a Board Member and digital consultant for The Eyak Preservation Council, I leveraged my expertise in digital media and storytelling to significantly enhance the organization's online presence and engagement strategies. My efforts were aimed at amplifying the Council's mission to honor Eyak heritage and conserve wild salmon culture and habitat. By developing a robust web presence and implementing online donation tools, I played a crucial role in expanding the reach of the Council's educational, awareness, and conservation initiatives.

Key Responsibilities and Achievements:

  • Digital Strategy and Web Development: Spearheaded the development of the Council's website, introducing a dynamic platform for storytelling and engagement. This included the integration of video content and digital storytelling elements that vividly conveyed the importance of conserving wild salmon culture and habitat.

  • Online Donation Tools Implementation: Implemented online donation tools, significantly enhancing the Council's fundraising capabilities. This strategic initiative provided a seamless experience for donors and supporters, contributing to the sustainability of the Council's conservation efforts.

  • Mission and Purpose Communication: Utilized digital platforms to actively promote the Council's mission and purpose, ensuring that the message of conservation and sustainable lifeways reached a broader audience. My work in digital storytelling played a pivotal role in engaging the community and stakeholders with compelling narratives about Eyak heritage and environmental preservation.

  • Executive Leadership and Strategic Planning: Contributed to strategic organizational planning and supported executive leadership in aligning digital initiatives with the Council's broader goals. My role involved advising on digital strategies that complemented the Council's mission, enhancing overall organizational impact.

  • Advocacy Through Digital Media: Championed the Council's mission by leveraging digital media to spread awareness and advocate for conservation. My efforts in developing engaging online content and advocacy campaigns helped to mobilize community support and promote sustainable practices.


My tenure with the Eyak Preservation Council was characterized by significant advancements in the organization's digital and online fundraising capabilities. By developing a comprehensive web presence and integrating effective digital storytelling techniques, I contributed to a marked increase in engagement, awareness, and support for the Council's vital conservation initiatives. My strategic focus on digital media and online tools played a key role in fostering a deeper commitment to the preservation of Eyak heritage and the natural environment

Digital Communications Consultant: Multiple Clients including the Earth Vision Institute, National Geographic Explorer Mike Fay, and Others
2008 - 2013

Clients: Multiple Clients, including James Balog and the Extreme Ice Survey team, National Geographic Explorer Mike Fay, and the Laramie Economic Development Corporation
Locations: Laramie, Wyoming; Boulder, Colorado; Washington, DC


As a Digital Communications Consultant, I leveraged my expertise in digital media, web development, and interactive technologies to support a range of high-profile projects aimed at environmental awareness, conservation, and economic development. My work spanned from creating engaging digital platforms to facilitate groundbreaking environmental research, to supporting local economic growth initiatives.

Key Projects and Achievements:

  • Extreme Ice Survey Collaboration: Partnered with James Balog and the Extreme Ice Survey team to design and launch the Extreme Ice Survey website and an accompanying Google Earth gallery. This innovative platform allowed viewers to explore time-lapse films of over 30 glaciers, documenting their changes over three years and bringing critical awareness to climate change impacts.

  • National Geographic 'Geoblog': Collaborated with Mike Fay and National Geographic to create a real-time "geoblog" using the Earthwatchr software I developed. This project tracked Fay's year-long Redwood Transect through California's redwood forests, integrating Google Maps and Google Earth to provide an immersive educational experience on the significance of conservation efforts.

  • Wyoming Migration Initiative Website: Developed and maintained the Migration Initiative website, incorporating public program migration maps using Google Maps. This project enhanced public engagement and understanding of ungulate migration patterns in Wyoming, contributing to broader conservation education efforts.

  • Economic Development Campaign Co-Management: Co-managed the Laramie Economic Development Corporation’s Partners-in-Progress capital campaign alongside Jodi Guerin in 2008 and 2009. This initiative successfully garnered $650,000 in annual pledges from local businesses, demonstrating a significant impact on local economic growth and development.


Through these diverse consulting projects, I not only contributed to significant environmental and economic development initiatives but also pushed the boundaries of digital communications to engage and educate a global audience. My work facilitated a deeper public understanding of critical conservation issues and supported community growth, underscoring the power of digital innovation in driving social and environmental change.

Director of IT / Digital Communications Manager: The Jane Goodall Institute
2002 - 2009

Location: Ballston, Virginia


As the Director of IT and Digital Communications Manager within the Communications Department at The Jane Goodall Institute, I played a pivotal role in overseeing the organization's IT infrastructure and spearheading digital and creative initiatives. Reporting directly to the VP of Communications, my responsibilities encompassed a wide range of activities from IT management in the DC officer to the development and execution of the Institute's digital presence and online branding strategies. This role required a unique blend of technical acumen, creative vision, and strategic oversight to amplify the Institute's mission of promoting wildlife conservation and environmental education.

Key Responsibilities and Achievements:

  • IT Infrastructure Oversight: Directed comprehensive IT support, server management, and telephony services for the Institute's DC office, ensuring operational efficiency and security. Led a team of IT staff and interns, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

  • Digital Strategy and Web Management: Oversaw the creation, implementation, and maintenance of the JGI family of websites in alignment with the strategic goals of the Communications Department and the Institute at large. Assisted in the developed and managed the JGI servers, and media management database, overseeing and  enhancing internal communications and resource sharing.

  • Online Branding and Marketing Initiatives: Collaborated closely with the development and communications teams to identify and capitalize on internet marketing opportunities. Launched the Institute's first eNewsletter and successful online fundraising campaigns, contributing to the growth of JGI's online community and donor base.

  • Content Creation and Creative Direction: Provided creative direction for all web-related projects, promotional materials, and in-house fundraising initiatives, ensuring consistency with JGI's branding standards. Managed the production of rich media content, including video editing and online presentations, to engage and educate a global audience.

  • Collaboration and Project Management: Worked under the guidance of the VP of Communications and Development to align digital projects with the Institute's strategic objectives. Managed relationships with third-party vendors for web development, e-commerce, and advertising, ensuring the successful execution of digital initiatives.

Accomplishments of Note:

  • Gombe Chimpanzee Blog: Developed the innovative Gombe Chimpanzee Blog, leveraging Google Maps and Earth APIs, which was featured by Google and cited by Eric Schmidt as a model for the future of the internet.

  • Webby Award Nomination and Internet Marketing Award: Achieved a Webby Award nomination for Best Activist Site and won the Best Internet Marketing for a Cause award from NetSquared.com for the Chimpanzee Guardian campaign, raising significant funds and enhancing JGI's digital footprint.


In my tenure at The Jane Goodall Institute, I significantly contributed to both the IT infrastructure and the digital communications strategy, underpinning the Institute's global conservation efforts. My leadership in digital initiatives and creative projects, guided by the strategic vision of the Communications Department, played a crucial role in expanding JGI's reach, engagement, and impact in the realm of wildlife conservation and environmental education.

Scientific Publications

Nordell, C. J., B. R. Tugwell, B. R. Barber, G. P. Beauvais, T. I. Wellicome, and E. M. Bayne. Video captured adult Ferruginous Hawk behavior during egg-laying and incubation. Journal of Raptor Research.


1991-1995 The Corcoran School of Art
Washington, DC  - BFA Fine Arts

1995-1998 Pennsylvania State University
State College, PA - Graduate Sculpture Program



(All references are available sent directly from the individuals referenced)